The Birth of Venus

"The Birth of Venus," by Alexandre Cabanel

"The Birth of Venus," by Alexandre Cabanel

I am not an expert, and therefore not technically qualified to be dolling out relationship advice. But in lieu of fancy degrees I have personally had plenty of first-hand experience when it comes to dating. Once famously deemed the “make-out queen” and a reformed notorious serial dater, I can say that when it comes to the mysterious, murky abyss that makes up the male-female dynamic, I am more-than-qualified to dish out my proverbial two cents. If anything I am happy to share my numerous mishaps and my fewer but by no means less important success stories to help you in your quest to find happiness with the opposite sex. I feel that it’s so important for there to be ways in which we can shares stories, tips, advice, and cautionary tales because so much important stuff goes unsaid, mainly due to the fact that a majority of what happens in our dating lives is embarrassing—I mean who really wants to make fun of their own rejection, or a tryst gone wrong? But I want use myself, my experiences as well as the kooky shit that has happened with my adventurous friends—don’t worry ladies, there will be no real names used—to hopefully create a language and a platform for women to learn and grow from each other and our collective dating trials and tribulations. So please allow me to introduce Venus in Heels, which will be a fun, informative, empowering, and subversive  way to explore all the wacky things we go through in the pursuit of love, lust, happiness, and validation.

Let’s learn from our mistakes together.

xx The Rock n’ Roll Romantic


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