Question of the Day: Can You Forgive A Cheating Heart?

Is kissing NOT cheating? Can you forgive a cheating heart?

Cheating is a huge no-no in relationships—that goes without saying. But are there forms or different levels of cheating that are more forgivable? Many people believe that kissing is not cheating, or like on the most recent episode of VH1’s reality relationship show Tough Love Couples, a “harmless” rub-and-tug with the boys doesn’t constitute  adulterous behavior. We all have our own moral code, and different rules for fidelity, but if the tables were turned and you were the one who was cheated on, would you be able to forgive your partner? What would be forgivable cuckquean (or cuckold) practices and which things  would you not be able to get over? Is your partner’s sexual trespass harder to forgive than an emotional affair? Where do we draw the line with cheating, and what to you really constitutes infidelity?


2 responses to “Question of the Day: Can You Forgive A Cheating Heart?

  1. For myself, kissing is a no-no. While I do cuckold my husband, its strictly a sexual thing, not a romantic nor relationship thing. Of course I take all precautions for safety, physical and emotional, which means no kissing. 🙂

  2. Lady Aphrodite

    That’s very interesting. I agree that kissing can be seen as a level of intimacy that should be shared solely with your partner, whereas other forms of play just involve your body–much like it’s a vessel for pleasure rather than an expression of love or closeness. Thanks so much for sharing, I love your insight. xx

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