About Venus in Heels

Although I am a music and fashion writer by trade, I have always had a knack for and an interest in all-things amorous. Whether it’s giving advice about the male psyche, going on numerous dates with every type of eligible Romeo from San Francisco to New York and London, or my obsession with helping women find empowerment through sex and dating, I have been drawn to the exploration of love, lust, and the male-female dynamic. With this blog I hope to further explore what women want, why we crave what we can’t have, what defines cheating, why we always chase after what’s bad for us and run from what might be the makings of a healthy relationship, and how we can reconcile being sexual creatures without disempowering ourselves or being thrown in the slut category—along with a whole variety of other shit that is blush-worthy, discussion-inciting, or just plain interesting. I find that there isn’t enough written about what is really going on in the minds and bodies of women. Sure, every month Cosmo publishes a new guide of how to get that man, or how to please him to keep him, but rarely are there articles that talk openly about the pros and cons of a one-night stand, the sexual double standard in modern dating, how to attract the right (or deliciously wrong) type of guy—you know, stuff women really give a shit about! I hope we can openly discuss all the things women’s magazines are afraid to print, and explore topics that E. Jean’s prissy ass wouldn’t dare (or care) to address.

Welcome to Venus in Heels, A Subversive Guide to Modern Romance!

Contact me at: venusinheelsblog@gmail.com


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